Empower Educators to Innovate Responsibly

Technology is rapidly transforming teaching and learning, but technology’s promise requires a commitment to a safe and secure digital environment. Charting a path between the two is complex—made more so by an endless release of apps, devices, websites and an ever-changing legal landscape. BrightBytes, in partnership with iKeepSafe–internationally acclaimed for its work in digital privacy and safety–is helping education organizations meet this challenge with the Digital Privacy, Safety, and Security module.

Balance Technology Goals &
Privacy Concerns

In today’s networked world, effective teaching and learning requires new skills, strategies, and policies. The BrightBytes Digital Privacy, Safety & Security module brings all stakeholders together to create an environment in which learners are protected as they engage in work that is authentic and collaborative.


The Digital Privacy, Safety &
Security Framework

The framework for this module gathers input from stakeholders at all levels and provides a clear picture of where you are in your journey to create a healthy digital environment. The module's research-based framework is built around 4 domains which are supported by 10 success indicators and 34 data points.



POLICIES  Identify the right ones and maintain them

PROGRAMS   Ensure your programs address all stakeholders

SYSTEMS Scale your ability to implement your digital vision

INCIDENT RESPONSES Create effective processes for handling digital incidents